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History of the Place

Hotel Rancho El Morillo.

Old Hacienda de San Nicolás de los Berros, property of the family since more than one century.

Campo Turista El Morillo was born, thanks to my grandmother Doña Panchita Narro back in 1934. Those where the years when time seemed to pass more slowly and those who visited E Morillo could afford to take longer vacations. Mama Grande then, remodeled some of the rooms that surrounded the main house to offer the visitors a place to stay. They were mailnly tourists from the valley of Texas who escaped from the summer heat and local catholic groups who chose El Morillo for spiritual retreats.

Back then, Doña Nico used to cook for the visitors. I remember her being on the green tile floor of my grandma’s kitchen on her knees in front of a metate making cheese. The food was simple, fresh and traditional. There was homemade butter, jellies, cheese, and the flour tortillas that were always on the table, as was the bread from the local bakerys.

Starting in 1968, my mother Tita took care of the hotel and built the conference room  and the multisports court.  The hotel then started to get different sorts of people who came either for business meetings, or for training workshops.

During the seventies we started to make a delicious quince liquor made with the fruit that was harvested in the orchard.  Also my father Ramón, after a visit to France, came up with the idea to make a tequila liquor that had a wholle pear inside the bottle.  This is something he saw in the french conutryside, and our Curado was born. Those years Tita had the pleasure to meet Mr. Reese Kennedy from Nogadoches, Texas. He fell in love with the ranch and started his watercolor workshops that took place for at least four summers. The artists enjoyed painting every corner of El Morillo and some of Saltillo’s colonial sites.

Starting in 2001, the diversity of our guests was grew with the presence of several opera students from all over the conutry who still come every summer. They have been training their voices and theatrical skills.

We can very proudly say that for more than seventy years El Morillo has been a home for ecologists, musicians, poets, enterprenuers, and also home for a lot of familys and people who choose el morillo for its unique style.