In 1934 Doña Panchita Narro our grand mother, founded the Hotel Rancho El Morillo in a part of the old Hacienda de San Nicolas de los Berros, starting an 80 year tradition that we proudly continue to this day.

     El Morillo, how the hotel eventually came to be known, was originally made up of the ranch-hand quarters. Doña Panchita refurbished these rooms as well as part of the main house to host spiritual retreats and offer lodging to tourists from the Texas Valley. Visitors enjoyed the luscious gardens, home-style cuisine, and our signature curado de pera (pear liqueur).

     For more than eighty years El Morillo and our family has been proud to host ecologists, musicians, poets, artists, entrepreneurs, families and many others who choose Rancho El Morillo for its own unique style.

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To learn more about our history visit: Fondo Narro Gómez